I'm using SharePoint 2010 standard edition and I want to create a Parent/Child list form. I noticed that Query string webpart is part of enterprise edition as shown here http://bit.ly/1tF8rkG and hence I need to find some alternate solution for this to work.

I have a product and "Product sold" list form. I have created a custom edit form and insert the child form. I want to grab the item ID from query string for parent and pass to the child form ProductName:ID (Lookup column to parent). In this example i want to show only iPhone in child form.

How this can be achieved?

Are there any OOTB approach to achieve this or I need to use JQuery?

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If I understood your question right, that you only want to see the sold iPhones when you click on iPhone in the Products List, then I would recommend you to use WebPart Connections.

This blog post shows (with screenshots) in Part 5 how to connect the WebParts.

Use Connected WebPart Feature in EditForm.aspx

Prepare List for changing EditForm.aspx

Go into the List settings --> Advanced Settings and on the bottom you should have a point called something like Show Forms in a dialog and set it to No.

Go into Edit Mode of the EditForm.aspx

Go into your products list and mark a list item and click on edit. When the EditForm.aspx opens for changing the list item go to Site Actions --> Edit Page. You are now in Edit Mode of EditForm.aspx and as you can see there is already the "Products"-List WebPart on it.

Add the "Products sold"-List WebPart to the EditForm.aspx

Just click on add a WebPart and choose the "Products sold" List.

Connect the WebParts

Connect the WebParts as described in Part 5 in the link above. In your case the the provider field name and your consumer field name has to be set to "Product name".

Leave the Edit Mode and change the List settings back to "default"

After adding the "Products sold" List WebPart and connecting the WebParts click the "Stop Editing"-Button in the Ribbon. Go again to the List Settings --> Advanced Settings and change the Show Forms in Dialog to Yes back again.

  • Thanks. This is for a webpart page but i want to use EditForm.aspx Aug 2, 2014 at 13:19
  • I edited my answer and added more detailed steps, because it works also in the EditForm.aspx but you have to do a little workaround in the list settings. The link I posted was only to show how the connecting of WebParts looks like. Hope that this works now for you.
    – pbrz
    Aug 2, 2014 at 15:05

Inserted a XsltListView Webpart as child list and used the filter option to filter by ID passing the query string to Child form (as shown in this video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiI-EJYTEp8

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