I have a provider hosted app with AppInstalled, AppUninstalling and AppUpgraded event receivers. Remote web for this app is hosted on Azure VM. App is available to all site collection through App Catalog site. I installed this app on one of my site collection. While testing the app upgrade feature, I encountered following error:

The content database on the server is temporarily unavailable. Details: 0x80070002 There is no Web named "/_Copy.

I retried multiple times but no luck. I also tried on different site collections but I get the same error.

Furthermore, I observed that it is happening only with 'AppUpgraded' event receiver added. Upgrade works when I remove this event receiver.

  • I'm experiencing the exact same issue. I tried to update an app 2hrs ago and I get the same message :( I'm hoping this is a general issue at the side of Microsoft...
    – user32060
    Jul 31, 2014 at 15:55

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Looks like this is no longer happening. Microsoft has been deploying fixes for SharePoint online and upgrade issue was one of them. To check fixes status go to this page -- portal.office.com/ServiceStatus/ServiceStatus.aspx

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