I have a list, which has some columns including title and URL. URL column directs to specific folder related to list item. I want to add one more column in list, which would display items' count of that folder. How I can do this? There is no workflows on SP2010 platform which would count items in folders. Any simple sollutions?

UPDATE It would be fine just to have a choice column with values is related folder is empty or not.

UPDATE2 I'm currently using this workflow in my document library where related fodler are stored: If Current Item: Item child count equals 0 then update item in MyList to FALSE(text column field) If Current Item: Item child count not equals 0 then update item in MyList to TRUE(text column field) Workflow triggers then item is changed or created.

The problem is that I get an error: An error has occurred in MyWorkflow


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SharePoint contains a hidden Site Column called ItemChildCount. This Site Column stores the calculated number of child items that the folder contains.

Note: It does not include the number of subfolders in this count nor does it work recursively and pick up the item counts of subfolders

To add the Item Child Count, edit the desired view on your document library and look for the Item Child Count field and check it

enter image description here

Save the changes to your view and then go back to your document library. You should now see the number of items in each folder enter image description here

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    Yes, I found it, but I need to display this item count in other list which as URL column which has link to folder. AND I need to see this folder's item child count in list, NOT in document library where folder is stored. Commented Jul 31, 2014 at 11:18

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