I am trying to develop a custom FBA login page in SharePoint 2013

I am following this article [Custom FBA][1] [1]: http://msreddysharepoint.blogspot.com/2013/03/custom-fba-login-page-or-sigin-page.html

I have created a brand new web application and root site collection I have claims authentication and I have checked the default login page to begin my custom log in development

I am using visual studio 2013

  1. create a empty SharePoint project (SharePointProject1)
  2. Add a layout folder in the newly created project
  3. add new item -- Application page (applicationpage1.aspx)
  4. I add the code in the article and then deploy it
  5. I go to the web application and change the default login page to custom login page:


  6. I type in the http request

  7. I get the following error:

XML Parsing Error: syntax error


Line Number 1, Column 1:404 NOT FOUND

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The url you should use is /_layouts/15/SharePointProject1/Applicationpage1.aspx

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