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It doesn't seem there are limits to the number of libraries in a site collection, just more of a global size allocation @ the site collection / DB level.

Please advise if we do have any library count limit per site collection.

Thank you!

  • Your link is the good one. But I'm wondering : why are you asking this question, curiosity ? or a specific need ?
    – Nico
    Jul 30, 2014 at 15:42

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in theory:

Maximum no of items including list item and document in a content database is 60 Million

Maximum no of items a list can have is 30,000,000 per library i.e 30 million, so roughly you can have 2 million list in a site collection each list having 30,000,000 items

from support perspective so you can 2 million list in one site in a site collection or divided it into the number of sites you plan to have in you site collection accordinly.


in practice:

Seem 2000 lists is the suggested limit.

Note that the limit isn't an "hard limit" but performance seem to degrade exponentially after that point.


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    The math in this answer is blatantly incorrect. 2 million lists with 30 million items each are in totalt 60 trillion items, way above the limit of the content database.. Math: lists = L, items = I, Total items = T T = L * I = (2 * 10^6) * (30 * 10^6) = 2 * 30 * (10^6)^2 = 60 * 10^12 = 60 000 000 000 000. Aug 19, 2015 at 5:47

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