<xsl:template name="TitleDate" match="Row[@Style='TitleOnly']" mode="itemstyle">
        <xsl:variable name="SafeLinkUrl">
            <xsl:call-template name="OuterTemplate.GetSafeLink">
                <xsl:with-param name="UrlColumnName" select="'LinkUrl'"/>
        <xsl:variable name="DisplayTitle">
            <xsl:call-template name="OuterTemplate.GetTitle">
                <xsl:with-param name="Title" select="@Title"/>
                <xsl:with-param name="UrlColumnName" select="'LinkUrl'"/>
        <xsl:variable name="DisplayDueDate">
         <xsl:value-of select="@TaskDueDate" />
      <div class="item link-item">
        <xsl:call-template name="OuterTemplate.CallPresenceStatusIconTemplate"/>
        <a href="{$SafeLinkUrl}" title="{@LinkToolTip}">
          <xsl:if test="$ItemsHaveStreams = 'True'">
            <xsl:attribute name="onclick">
              <xsl:value-of select="@OnClickForWebRendering"/>
          <xsl:if test="$ItemsHaveStreams != 'True' and @OpenInNewWindow = 'True'">
            <xsl:attribute name="onclick">
              <xsl:value-of disable-output-escaping="yes" select="$OnClickTargetAttribute"/>
          <xsl:value-of select="$DisplayTitle "/>
        <xsl:value-of select="$DisplayDueDate" />

I have this code that gives me the Title and Date of all tasks. My question is how would I format the date?

This is what it looks like formatted.


2014-07-30 00:00:00

Also is there a way to make this into a column instead of one under the other?



I don't know your desired output format, but an example would be:

<xsl:value-of select="ddwrt:FormatDateTime(@Created, 1033, 'MMMM d, yyyy')" />

This should still apply to 2013.

Kyle links to some useful resources in this post, like MSDN and Heather Solomon.

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