Is it possible to write a CAML query that uses another field as the Value part of the filter?

For example in SQL it would look like this:

WHERE Field1 > Field2

This was by best guess but it is not working:

<Gt><FieldRef Name='NoticeSentDate'/><Value Type='DateTime'><FieldRef Name='NoticeDate'/></Value></Gt>

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Unfortunately, it cannot be done in CAML. If you have to use CAML, the recommended approach is created a calculated column such as =DATEDIF([NoticeSentDate], [NoticeDate],"d"). Your CAML query would then look for values greater than 0 in the calculated column.

Check out this page for more examples of date calculations in calculated columns:


If you're not stuck using CAML queries, let me know what other options are available (such as AJAX or LINQ to SharePoint) and I'll try to help.

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