I installed KB2880552 onto all the servers in my SharePoint farm. After the update ran, I went to our CA server and started the PSConfig executable. The application reports that one of my servers doesn't have the upgrade.

I can go to the server and see that it was installed and when I try to run the upgrade again, it says No products are affected by this upgrade. I can see in Add Remove programs that the update is applied (15.0.4571.1502).

Is there a way to force a reinstall of the update or force SP to relook at the server and see that it was updated? I know it isn't supported but might there be a way to upgrade a database table somewhere with the values of a server that did upgrade fine?

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This is very much common issues now days.

Couple of things to try to force SharePoint that all servers having SP.

  • run this command on the server where CU missing Get-SPProduct -Local
  • if still facing the issue, try to reboot the server

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