In VS we create a solution.

Then, we can create multiple projects under this. Also, we can add multiple new items under each project.

Suppose requirement is to create a webpart, then how is decision made whether to go for new project in solution. OR new item in an existing project?

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You should watch out, that solutions don't get messy or too big. Don't put too many projects inside a solution, it will be impossible to find a webpart then if you have many of them with many projects inside. I always make one solution for like one page, with all the webparts in it inside one project and every "item" of them is in a separate feature. Because if needed, you are able to deactivate not needed ones - one by one.


You can find similar questions Organizing WebParts in Visual Studio - Best Practices and Structure of SharePoint Solution.

When working with SharePoint 2010 and the Visual Studio Tools for SharePoint, you can effectively structure your project how you like - this is because you can use folders to structure things logically

I agree with Chris O'Brien. For example, you have a web part which performs actions on a list, in this case I prefer to include web part to the project with this list.

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