I want know how to use the grid view in a SharePoint-hosted App. Can any one provide information on this?

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You can use built-in server controls in a SharePoint-Hosted app. You just can't use any code-behind. The markup for the various data source and UI controls remains the same.

<SharePoint:SPDataSource ID="SPDataSource1" runat="server"            
    SelectCommand="<Query></Query>" >
        <asp:Parameter name="ListName" DefaultValue="Contacts" />
<SharePoint:SPGridView ID="SPGridView1" runat="server"
        <SharePoint:SPBoundField DataField="Title" HeaderText="Last Name" />
        <SharePoint:SPBoundField DataField="First Name" HeaderText="First Name" />
        <SharePoint:SPBoundField DataField="Company" HeaderText="Company" />
        <SharePoint:SPBoundField DataField="Business Phone" HeaderText="Work Phone" />

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