I am building a SharePoint intranet branding solution, I have built 2 master page for site and system. Planning to build another master page for users but noticed each user has a different site collection and publishing features are also not enabled, How usually profile master pages are built? Can I use only one site collection for all users? Do I need to copy master pages and other stuf in each site collection?

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You cannot use 1 site collection for all. Each profile has its own site collection.

You need to have MySite specific solution where you have a Web scoped feature that adds the masterpage to the masterpage gallery and sets the masterpage for the site collection through the FeatureActivated eventreceiver.


You'd need feature stapling to brand all the personal My Sites. The process remains similar to 2010.


You can change the master page directly using a httpmodule .

The PreRequestHandlerExecute method fires just before ASP.NET starts executing a page. In the context_PreRequestHandlerExecute method, you can get the current executing page by accessing the CurrentHandler object.

PS: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/43377/SharePoint-Dynamically-Change-Master-Page

If each and every profile needs a different master page better do it using css changes .

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