I am implementing a custom design using the Zurb Foundation library. If I don't include the ribbon on the front end will the content author be able to edit content pages using SP Designer?

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you can add security trimmed on custom masterpage which only an authorised user will be able see the ribbon

1) Open your SharePoint master page
2) Locate this line:
   <div id="s4-ribbonrow" class="s4-pr s4-ribbonrowhidetitle">
3) Change it to:
   <div id="s4-ribbonrow" class="s4-pr s4-ribbonrowhidetitle" style="display:none">

4) Now find the end of the “s4-ribbonrow” tag and add following
block right after it:

 <Sharepoint:SPSecurityTrimmedControl ID="SPSecurityTrimmedControl2" runat="server" PermissionsString="AddAndCustomizePages">
        <script type="text/javascript">
            document.getElementById("s4-ribbonrow").style.display = "block";

5) Save the new master page and publish it.


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