I have a custom list 'MyList', containing a (single value) lookup field 'MyLookupField', which points to a library 'MyLibrary'. I now want to retrieve all items from 'MyList', including the Link to the corresponding file in the library.

I can lookup the Id or Title from the library:


But I was not successful to retrive the link to the file in the library:


Any idea if it is possible to retrieve the link to the file in a REST call or does this require a CAML query?

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Fetch additional lookup columns values in REST

lookupList -- List1 : col1, col2

List2: col3(lookupof col1)

template: $select=LookupColName/LookupListcolName1,LookupColName/LookupListcolName2&$expand=LookupColName/LookupListcolName1,LookupColName/LookupListcolName2

Example $select=col3/col1,col3/col2&$expand=col3/col1,col3/col2

  • Thanks for the answer. I know how to generally retrieve lookup values in a REST call, but what I need is the retrueve the link to a file in a looked up library. Commented Jul 14, 2014 at 12:13

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