In trying to add a script to the EditForm.aspx I appear to have accidentally deleted the default EditForm.aspx!

Is there a way of just restoring it back to how it was, I checked the recycle bin and it's not there

I'm using Sharepoint Online and Sharepoint Designer 2013


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Here are instructions for 2007 but i am sure will work for 2013 designer.

Now open your sharepoint designer.

  • Go to your list
  • Go to where your newform.aspx or editform.aspx exists.
  • now go & delete all the files which are not working properly.
  • Now create a custom page using designer.
  • now give a name to it as EditForm.aspx
  • Now create a table & place a webpart zone.
  • Now go t insert menu in sharepoint designer.
  • In insert menu go for sharepoint controls
  • Click on custom list form webpart or listform view webpart.
  • you will get all the existing lists in that site.
  • you will be getting 3 options.

New item form,
display item form,
edit item form. - Now select any one u want & press ok.

Now you get dispform webpart or editform webpart as same as u get the thing in default editform.aspx.


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