I want to add some statistics like "Results 1-10 of 572" in my search people result.

I have a personal Control_SearchResult.html file.

I found the code that I have to modify :

 <div class="ms-srch-resultFooter">             
                if(ctx.ClientControl.get_showResultCount() && ctx.DataProvider.get_totalRows() > 0){                        
                    var start = ctx.DataProvider.get_currentQueryState().s;
                    var resultsPerPage = ctx.DataProvider.get_resultsPerPage();
                    var totalRows = ctx.DataProvider.get_totalRows();
                    var countDisplayString = Srch.Res.rs_ApproximateResultCount;
                    var startRows = ctx.DataProvider.get_startRows();
                    if (start + resultsPerPage > totalRows) { countDisplayString = (totalRows == 1)? Srch.Res.rs_SingleResultCount : Srch.Res.rs_ResultCount; }

                    <div id="ResultCount" class="ms-srch-resultscount">
                        _#= String.format($htmlEncode(countDisplayString), $htmlEncode(totalRows.localeFormat("N0"))) =#_


But I don't see how to modify this code? How to get startRow, rowLimit...?

Or there is another solution?

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I found, in the Control_SearchResults.html file, you can custom the result count.

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