I want to create custom documentation for new SharePoint Users in my company.

People had problems copying files from one library to another with the "send to" and "manage copies" commands in the FILES Ribbon.

I tried to find documentation of that feature online, but at least my search for sharepoint 2013 file "manage copies" found nothing helpful: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/support/results.aspx?qu=sharepoint+2013+file+%22manage+copies%22&ex=1&filter=1

Although I explicitly typed the name of the button "manage copies".

Is there an easy way to quickly find help for a certain feature?


I had the same problem. What I did was adding custom help to a site collection in the topics that were not properly covered. Here is how you can do it :

1.Create a new Site Collection Help library.
2.Create a new Help Collection Folder.
3.Create Categories for your help—that is, the headings for a table of contents.
4.Create and upload articles and media.
5.Add your Help article to your Help collection.
6.Display your new Help Collection in your site collection.

For a step by step guide, please click here .

  • thanks a lot! But for my special problem: how can I find the documentation online for a feature like the "send to" button? – mBBe Jul 11 '14 at 9:34
  • 1
    in the upper right corner of SharePoint is a question mark, click on that. The help window will pop up. Search if there is help available there by using the name of the feature as search keyword. – el94 Jul 11 '14 at 9:52
  • I did that but I did not find the help concerning "send to" for example, as it is a widely used term :-( . For example, if I enter "manage copies", I only get 1 result "Create a multi-language website" .. not what I want :-( – mBBe Jul 11 '14 at 10:52

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