I'm just curious about the steps required to install Sharepoint 2013 using SQL Server Authentication. Also if there are any drawbacks that i might not be aware of.

Here are some steps i currently think are required for installing using SQL Authentication and i would just like them confirmed and added too if i'm missing something.

  1. Ensure "mixed-mode" auth is active on the SQL Server
  2. Create a SQL login in the SQL Server with following roles: DBCreator & SecurityAdmin
  3. Run the "New-SPConfigurationDatabase" SharePoint PowerShell command on the web server using the -DatabaseCredentials flag to pass the SQL Login details

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This provides a few good points about drawbacks.

  • If a user is a Windows domain user who has a login and password for
    Windows, he must still provide another (SQL Server) login and
    password to connect. Keeping track of multiple names and passwords is difficult for many users. Having to provide SQL Server credentials
    every time that one connects to the database can be annoying.
  • SQL Server Authentication cannot use Kerberos security protocol.
  • Windows offers additional password policies that are not available for SQL
    Server logins.
  • The encrypted SQL Server Authentication login
    password, must be passed over the network at the time of the
    connection. Some applications that connect automatically will store
    the password at the client. These are additional attack points.

From personal experience.


  • Greater control as far as customizing experience and password recovery
  • You can have external users who would not be able to use other Auth methods
  • It is easier to make test users (Than using AD)


  • You will need to create a customized log in system in some way. Asp.net/MVC log in controls work, but sometimes need a little help.
  • You will need a customized administration system if you do not want all admins to have database/server access.
  • Web.config modifications can be tricky
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    Thanks thantos... do you actually have a step-by-step guide as to how i would install using SQL Authentication by chance? I just want to make sure i do it correctly.
    – adha409
    Jul 10, 2014 at 19:32
  • @Adamh409 - I'm trying to setup SP 2016 using SQL authentication (SQL 2014), wondering if you can share any guideline or PS scripts to configure that? Appreciate any feedback! Nov 1, 2016 at 19:40

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