The recycle bin for this given site collection (Projects) contains over 14,000 items. I need to find few documents that has following metadata. How do I do that? It seems I can't add additional metadata to the recycle bin view.

Customer Name = "Proctor & Gamble" Customer Region = "NW"


You can try SPRecycleBinQuery in Powershell, but that won't give you the option in UI.. so I suggest, if you want to restore this item you do it from Powershell too..


#Get the Site collection
$site = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite("http://sharepoint.company.com")

#Create new object for SPRecycleBinQuery
$query = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPRecycleBinQuery

#$query.ItemState = "FirstStageRecycleBin"
$query.ItemState = "SecondStageRecycleBin"

#How many Rows to be returned
$query.RowLimit = 100

#Call GetRecycleBinItems to Search Inside SharePoint Recycle Bin
$DeletedItemsColl = $site.GetRecycleBinItems($query)

#Filter Result
$Result= $DeletedItemsColl | where  {$_.Title -match ".txt"}

#Write output
$Result | foreach-object {
    (Write-Host "Found Item:" $_.Title)
    (write-host "Created by:" $_.AuthorName)
    (write-host "Deleted by:" $_.DeletedByName)
    (write-host  "Deleted Date:"$_.DeletedDate)
  (write-host  "File Size(Bytes):" $_.Size)
  (write-host  "Original Location:" $_.DirName)
  (write-host "Web:" $_.web.URL)
 (Write-Host "------------------------------------")

Checkout this post:

Search SharePoint Recycle bin with SPRecycleBinQuery

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