I have a small project based on SP2007, I have to re-built it on SP2010 as a sandbox solution. How we can start and do it. Can anyone provide me and link documents where each steps are mentioned in details.

  • If you do not have fancy dll references in your project you can install a SP2007 solution on a SP2010 server. – Wout Jul 10 '14 at 12:26

Creating a SP2010 Sandbox solution in Visual Studio will be almost the same (and even easier) as with your previous SP2007 (farm) solution. Tip: use Visual Studio 2012 it contains a lot of new functionality and makes SharePoint development a lot less frustrating.

Keep in mind that there are some (security) restrictions when developing a sandbox solution. It might be possible that you can not port all functionality to a sandbox solution.

Starting from SP2013, using .NET code in sandbox solution is not officially supported anymore (although it still seems to work). So for simplicity sake I would not convert your current SP2007 (farm) solution to a sandbox solution but I would simply update it to a SP2010 (farm) solution. You can do the same process later when migrating to SP2013 (on-premise).

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