When a user navigates to a Document library the ribbon shows up, but by default the "Browse" section/button is selected in the button. Is there a way to change this selection to the "Library" option when a document library loads?

So when the document library page is loaded the user would see the "Library" selected in the ribbon and all the contents in the "Library" is shown in the ribbon.

Any ideas on how to do this?

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Add a query string parameter InitialTabId. For example:


To get Documents, the value would be Ribbon.Document (even though the tab is titled "Documents").

You can find other ids in the file (14 folder)/TEMPLATE/GLOBAL/XML/CMDUI.XML


Ribbon.Library works fine but Ribbon.Document does not seem to work.

Using your link to illustrate-

When using Ribbon.Library as the default for a document library works as intended:


But when using Ribbon.Document no tab is selected and the URL bar shows:


I tried setting it to Ribbon.Documents and the URL comes up fine:


But the tab is not selected because the tab ID is Ribbon.Document and not Ribbon.Documents

  • I could use some help with this if at all possible, this issue seems unique to our environment. I can set any tab on any ribbon as default for a document library or list EXCEPT the document tab in the library tools contextual group. Even Library, which is right beside it in the same contextual group works fine, but Ribbon.Document does not. The URL query string seems to be submitted when a link containing it is clicked, but sharepoint "appears" to be redirecting to /AllItems.aspx? and the query string has been stripped out besides the ? mark.
    – intrebulon
    Commented May 15, 2012 at 14:30

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