Environment: SharePoint 2013, IIS 8.

No images and CSS displayed in the Central Admin.

In firebug, its authentication failure.

I checked in the IIS, the Anonymous user Identity was set to 'Application Pool Identity'.

I changed it to 'IUSR' and now it is working fine.

Why Anonymous user Identity need to be 'IUSR' ? Is there any MSDN/KB article ?

Complete trouble shooting is explained in this post,

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This built-in account does not need a password and will be the default identity that is used when anonymous authentication is enabled. If you look in the applicationHost.config file you will see the following definition:

<anonymousAuthentication enabled="true" userName="IUSR" defaultLogonDomain="" />

This tells IIS to use the new built-in account for all anonymous authentication requests. The biggest advantages are that you can:

•Set file system permissions for the IUSR account by using Windows Explorer or any of the many command line tools.

•No longer need to worry about passwords expiring for this account.

•Use xcopy /o to copy files along with their ownership and ACL information to different computers seamlessly.

looks like your code changed it to app pool account identity which i presume was for maintanance? which is an old method, this account in iis7 replaces it as confirmed here:

The IIS_IUSRS group replaces the IIS_WPG group. This built-in group has access to all the necessary file and system resources so that an account, when added to this group, can seamlessly act as an application pool identity.


IIS 7 and above also makes the process of configuring an application pool identity and making all necessary changes easier. When IIS starts a worker process, it needs to create a token that the process will use. When this token is created, IIS automatically adds the IIS_IUSRS membership to the worker processes token at runtime. The accounts that run as 'application pool identities' no longer need to be an explicit part of the IIS_IUSRS group. This change helps you to set up your systems with fewer obstacles and makes your overall experience more favorable.

a very indepth and detailed explanation here:


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