I have a site column added through a custom feature. The column is a text Column of the type "Multiple Lines of Text". It already contains values, but I can't find the crawled Property to map it as a managed Property. I am sure I have not reached the boundaries of 500.000 crawled Properties and I don't know why the other Columns of the feature which I added 1:1 similar to the Column I can't find are findable and the one is not.
I have also made 2 Index Reset's since the Content is published and several Full Crawls.


Sharepoint 2013 Auto Create Managed Property not work

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New custom server columns won't show up as crawled properties until you've populated that column with data and a search has crawled it. So for instance, you create a new list and use your new server columns in that list. You must create a new item in the list and you must populate each new server column field with data (no nulls) and then run a crawl.

  • Yea you are right. My farm admin didn't do all the steps I orderd him to do. So it wasn't realy complete and I absurdly wonderd why the property was not crawled. But thanks for your answer
    – Franz
    Commented Jul 9, 2014 at 14:08

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