I'm trying to build a calculated field with the following condition:

if [field1], [field2], [field3] = approved

set [field4] = 1

if [field1], [field2], [field3] = denied 

set [field4] = 2


set [field4] = 3

Any guidence would be appreciated. Thanks!


The syntax for calculated columns is basically the same as Excel. What I usually do is dummy up the formula in Excel and then copy it over, replacing the cell references with column names.

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  • a sample formula would really help me out. thanks! – user2094 Mar 30 '11 at 14:22

Full reference guide for SharePoint Functions

Off the top of my head (haven't tested so could be typos)

Set Field4 as calculated field.

Set its calculation to :- (formatted for easier reading)

IF ( OR([field1]="approved",[field2]="approved",[field3]="approved"),
     IF ( OR([field1]="denied",[field2]="denied",[field3]="denied"),

For troubleshooting break this down into the constituent parts, (separate out OR and IF) and test each one individually.

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