I have a form with a dynamically generated people picker control, that is required if the checkbox above it is selected(not required otherwise)

This is how I created the control.

var people = new Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.PeopleEditor { ID = "PeoplePicker2" ,
                                                                  AllowEmpty = false,ValidatorEnabled = true};

Here is the validator

 divppAO2.Controls.Add(new RequiredFieldValidator
            ID = "PplPkrR2fv",
            ControlToValidate = people.ID,
            ErrorMessage =
                "You must specify a value for this required field.",
            Display = ValidatorDisplay.Dynamic,
            Enabled = false

The problem comes when I try to call ValidatorEnable jquery function on this validator.

 checkBoxes.change(function () {
            var current = $(this),
                isChecked = current.prop('checked'),
                td = current.closest('td'),                    
                pplvalidators = td.find('span[id*="PplPkr"]');                  

            validators.each(function () {
                ValidatorEnable($(this).get(0), isChecked);

This does seem to toggle the display of the required field message.But when I uncheck the checkbox and submit the form, form does not get submitted. It still shows the required field error message. Where am I going wrong? Please help.Thanks.

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