Assume I have an external web application that I want to use as provider for a provider-hosted app.

What is the difference between the following two approaches:

  1. Using a provider-hosted app and point it to the web application as provider
  2. Using a SharePoint-hosted app, add an IFRAME and point the IFRAME to the web application

Some minor differences I see:

  • The SharePoint-hosted app needs to get and pass the {StandardTokens} "manually"
  • The SharePoint-hosted app can dynamically alter the provider URL, the provider-hosted app has to use a fixed one

But apart from that - are there any implications I need to be aware of when (say) using approach 2 instead of 1?



Convenience functions missing with the second approach?

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Personally, I would rather my app be in a single place. Your scenario #2 has pages in the App and pages in the external site.

Also, a primary consideration is what functionality you will be delivering in your app. If you don't need to consume any SharePoint resources, you could simply use a Page Viewer Web Part to show your external site in a page.

  • You have valid points here which concern the overall architecture. But there might be restrictions/implications forcing us to chose one of the proposed architectures. I'm interpreting your answer as: "I don't see any of those." (Right?) Jul 6, 2014 at 9:39

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