I am a teacher and would like to set up a site where students can save their work for me to view. The problem I have is that I would like one site but not allow the other students to view each others work. Is this easy to do as I have been having difficulty finding an efficient way of doing it. Many thanks

  • How many students you have? – Unnie Jul 4 '14 at 6:47

Easy solution will be to create a Document Library and inside that folder for each student. Each student will have Contribute permission only in his/her Folder and will not have any permission on any other folder. Make your account as Site collection administrator, and give yourself Full Control permission in all of the student folders.

You can see this blog to see How to break inheritance and set Folder level permissions .


SharePoint comes with security features for privacy. In your specific case if students are using Document Library to add their work then you can go to its Settings -> Advanced Settings and then set options for Read Access as "Read items that were created by the user".

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