Clicking the edit item icon on any aspx site page opens the EditForm.aspx page.

For only the security.aspx site page I would like the edit item icon to open my custom edit form NewEditForm.aspx which I have created but I can't seem to find a way to do this in SharePoint Designer 2010.


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Open the list in SharePoint Designer. In the Forms section,

  • click new and give a name you want for the URL (ex: neweditform).

  • Select "New item Form (...),"and check "Set as default form for the selected type.

  • Click OK

    and you will see the page in the Forms section.

  • Then open the new page neweditform.aspx

  • click the Insert Tab from the top section of the page

  • From the Insert tab, insert your custom code (custom webpart for example)

  • click Save.

  • Refresh your site and you should see your custom form when you click edit.

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