I'm working with SharePoint Client API 2010 for a .Net application. I want to check if the current user (or a specified user) can read a specified File? This user could also be in a SP Group or in a LDAP Group.

My current approach would be to request the file and wait for an exception that may be raised if a user doesnt have the required permission:

        string SiteUrl = "https://myintraneturl/";
        ClientContext clientContextSP = new ClientContext(SiteUrl);
        Web site = clientContextSP.Web;

        File file = site.GetFileByServerRelativeUrl("/someworkingfilepath/somefile.txt");

        var listItem = file.ListItemAllFields;
        clientContextSP.Load(listItem, items => items.EffectiveBasePermissions);

        try {


        var test = listItem.EffectiveBasePermissions.Has(PermissionKind.Open);

        } catch...

This approach doesnt seem to be right to me. I would control the program flow by exception and that is not what seems to be desirable.

Do you have some suggestions?

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I have found a solution with:

    public bool DoesUserHavePermission(string RelativeUrl)
        File file = clientContext.Web.GetFileByServerRelativeUrl(RelativeUrl);
        clientContext.Load(file, item => item.Exists);

        return file.Exists;

It's return false when the file doesn't exists but also when the current user doesn't have the permission to see this file !

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