I am working with a client who wants a carousel displaying in SharePoint. As you can probably guess they want the carousel to slide in or fade in an image and then go to a link when the user clicks. Obviously the link is dynamic to the page that the currently displayed image relates to.

Sorry if I have dumbed down the forum telling you something obvious.

What I would like to know is does anyone have a position experience of implementing this in SharePoint 2013?

I'm happy to go with a custom or a commercial web part but really looking for a pain free solution.

The user of the site will be authenticated when the web part displays and I will be producing custom master pages and page layouts if this is relevant.


their is 3rd party solution for this.You can try their license for 30 days.

Image Carousel Web Part

Their is also a free solution at codeplex.

Sharepoint Carousel

Also have a look on this: http://www.ashokraja.me/post/SharePoint-2013-Carousel-WebPart-with-Nivo-Slider.aspx

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