I have a farm and I see in sql many content databases. I have some site collection and would like to find something in the userinfo table in the sql database. But in which content database do I need to look for a site collection like?



Follow these steps:

  1. Open Central Administration.
  2. Application Management.
  3. View all site collections.
  4. Select the site collection you need to get the database name.
  5. In the panel on the right you should see "Database Name", that's the name of the content database.

-Hope it helps-


use below PowerShell code:

(Get-SPSite $url).ContentDatabase.name

Result should appear as:


Another way via PowerShell

 $site = Get-SPSite "your site url"
 write-host $site.WebApplication.ContentDatabases

Result look like:

SPContentDatabase Name=DEV2_WSS_Content_80

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