Is it possible to start a workflow which assigns approval tasks for an item to multiple people with a people picker field? My customer wants several people picker fields in the following format:

"Must Approve All" - all items must be approved by these users "$100 Approvals" - all items with a total price of $100 must be approved by these users

Is this possible or do I need to create some sort of event receiver to save these names into hidden fields (e.g., 100 Approval - 1) since they're 100% adamant about having a single field for this?

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Collect feedback" should work for your needs. You should do something like this:

Create a new Tasks list, called "Reading List" Add the Collect Feedback workflow to the list Add the group or users you want to assign tasks to in the "reviewers" field Configure the workflow like so:

set it to assign tasks in parallel so all members get a task simultaneously set "expand groups" so if you add a group to reviewers, each group member gets a task set a due date and duration if you want Now, when you add a new item (book) to your "reading list" list, it will assign a task to all the reviewers (readers.)

Or you can create a group, add users in that group and assign the task to group.


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