In SharePoint, I have a list (staff) and a document library and have successfully made a custom lookup column/field from the document library pointing to the staff list (staff id column).

This works ok, I now see a drop down showing me the staff id's, but what I would really like to do is have a text box (or some similar functionality) that will allow me to type part of a staff id, or even better a staff name to link to a staff record.

I have searched, but not found anything like this. Is this possible, and if so, how?

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You may have to do some custom javascript to accomplish this. Getting all the items in the lookup field and adding a text box with autocomplete for only those items.

Also, you'd need to validate the text box so users could only submit when a value matches that item. Afterwards populating the lookup field based on the text field.


I used the chosen JS library to make the dropdown searchable.

I used it along with PullInformationFromConncectedList.js to display additional details on selecting a lookup value which in your case will display staff name when you search based on id.

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