I have a list with a column called Selected Approvers or type Person or group. ex: Person 1,Person 2 , Person 3

When I assign a Workflow variable to this the variable is being assigned as Person 2, Person 1, Person 3. I am wondering what would cause this.

I then logged the user Ids and they are all somehow being read in ascending order by WF 5;21;25; Person 2, Person 1, Person 3.

instead of 21;5;25 Person 1,Person 2,Person 3

If I read the variable as plain string it dumps out ids in the order expected. results:[5,24,1,29]

So If i read the variable as Displaynames, loginnames,email it sorts it by the userids. I want to maintain the order these were entered. Please let me know if you have any insights thanks


Finally I had to get the SelectedApprovers with ids , assign it to a string , then do string operations and loop each id to get the user and assign the user the task. This solved my issue although not as clean as I would have liked. Let me know if anyone else has come across this issue. thanks

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