I have created a test environment, specifically for document shareing, using SharePoint 2013. Everything works fine (OneDrive for Business is installed locally on my PC) however the iPad app does not work properply.

error message

Excuse me for the Dutch language. I was not able to find the appropriate error message on internet (due to it's being translated). The error is (roughly translated):

Site not found

You are signed in but your library is not found. 
Try logging in with your browser first and then return to this application.

Logging in through the browser works fine and I get to see the libraries (or apps as they call them in SharePoint 2013).

Does anyone has a clue on what's going on? Does this error sound familiar to anyone?

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After spending hours of searching, I have fixed this by clicking the OneDrive link in the top right corner of SharePoint 2013, which showed "OneDrive". Clicking this will create the files (and it seems OneDrive for Business doesn't work with a team site - hence the confusion.

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