Whenever we try to search on any metadata property that is a date type and use "=" so as to only return documents on that date we always receive:

Your query included only common words and / or characters, which were removed. No results are available. Try to add query terms.

examples that return the above result:

  • ModifiedDate="27/01/2014"
  • ModifiedDate="01/27/2014"
  • ModifiedDate="27-01-2014"
  • (ModifiedDate>="27/01/2014" AND ModifiedDate<="27/01/2014")

I have checked the noise files for English US and they do not contain anything relating to dates/numbers.

These work though but return more documents than preferred obviously:

  • ModifiedDate>="27/01/2014"
  • ModifiedDate<="27/01/2014"

In my environment the property is called: LastModifiedTime and the following query works:


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