I just did a Backup - Restore of a site collection from one farm to another. On the destination after the restore, the "Browse..." is no longer working - the one that is used to navigate within SharePoint libraries e.g. site settings - Title, Description and Logo - From SharePoint and I get the following error:

Sorry, something went wrong - An unexpected error has occurred

In ULS log I see the following for the corresponding correlation ID:

SQL connection time: 0.0622984206093233 bb729c9c-2658-c0b4-d54e-11f9ad9dad06 AssetPickerDialog.ConfigureChildControls - start bb729c9c-2658-c0b4-d54e-11f9ad9dad06SQL connection time: 0.056711118312523 bb729c9c-2658-c0b4-d54e-11f9ad9dad06 SPRequestParameters: AppPrincipal={0}, UserName={1}, UserKye={2}, RoleCount={3}, Roles={4} bb729c9c-2658-c0b4-d54e-11f9ad9dad06 SQL connection time: 0.0491682602118426 bb729c9c-2658-c0b4-d54e-11f9ad9dad06

Couldn't figure what went wrong. Any ideas please.


try the following:

I still an issue restart the server.

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