Here are my environment settings:

OS: Windows XP 2002
IE: 8 32 bit
SharePoint Site Version: 2013
Site permissions: Contribute
Document library permission: Contribute
Site type: Intranet
Site protocol: https over ssl (wildcard certificate) port 443

We recently migrated to SharePoint 2013 from MOSS 2007. Users with Windows 7 client machines are having no issues accessing the site.

Web Client service has been started in services.msc.

When user tries to access the wedav link they are encountered with

Cannot find file" " Make sure the path or Internet address is correct

Please help.

  • With IE8 I always try compatability view when something doesn't work that should -- have you tried that yet? Short of that, may be time to upgrade those workstation OSs? I don't remember IE8 playing nicely with any incarnation of SP2013 :)
    – John-M
    Sep 4, 2015 at 11:45

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