I'm inserting repeating sections in a infopath form but the option to "Allow users to insert and edit" is disabled, what do I need to do?

Note: It seems it is because I'm trying to create a master detail, I modify a view from sharepoint with infopath and then I add the second connection to the list that will create the repeating section, so it inserts it like secondary connection and doesn't allows to edit the data.

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solved, it seems that is not possible to use this feature in a view, you can use it in a form library.


try accessing the repeating table properties, Data tab, Default settings - "Allow users to insert and delete rows" checkbox.

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    it is disabled, I can't check the box, because I created it with a secondary datasource, I added this as a list from sharepoint and then it creates a secondary datasource that seems not editable Jun 17, 2014 at 5:33

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