I use SharePoint 2013!

When I try to edit the reply in the discussion list in community page,I am able to edit and save it. Whereas, when I edit the reply and cancel it without saving it, I am not able to edit the reply again (i.e : even if I click the edit option from the dropdown box,it does not allow me to edit. But when I refresh the page and try to edit again, it allows me to edit.)

Could anyone please try to answer my question.


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I would ask couple of question and have recommendation.

  • Which browser you are using, try different browser?
  • did you to use the IE with enterprise mode( compatibility mode)?
  • is this behavior only with one customer or all customer?
  • try to create another site collection with community template and try over their?
  • what is SharePoint build level, may be worth to apply latest CU.

if you are getting the same behavior after all testing, then i believe you have to contact with MSFT support, may be file a bug.

  • This issue occurs in all browsers and for all users. Tried with new community also. Don't think last option will help :(. Will raise it to MS. Commented Jun 18, 2014 at 5:05

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