In a SharePoint 2013 environment, I have a 'Site Pages' library with 2 content types: Wiki Page and Web Part Page. I have enabled minor versioning in the library. When I open a Wiki Page, there's a new Publish tab in the ribbon, allowing the users to directly publish a major version when they're done editing. However, this tab is missing on the Web Part Pages. Is this a bug? Is there a way to add it to the Web Part Pages as well?

I've found the definition of the tab in the \15\TEMPLATE\GLOBAL\XML\CMDUI.XML file - it might be possible to extract the definition into a custom action but it seems like an overkill to me.

Similar issues are being described here and here but none of these apply to my case.

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The reason is because you cannot edit the layout of a webpart page, only add content. You can access the publishing of a webpart page by selecting the checkbox next to it in the Site Pages library and then clicking the publish button on the Documents ribbon.

  • Thank you, this makes sense from the technical perspective but one might have a hard time explaining it to the business users. I'm aware of the possibility to publish a Web Part Page from the containing library, I was just looking for a way to make it work the same way it does for the Wiki Pages. But thank you anyway! :)
    – nixx
    Commented Jun 12, 2014 at 7:14

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