We are using SharePoint 2013 and planning to customize the document upload window as shown in the picture. enter image description here

This is a customized application page. Could anyone advice me whether this kind of customization is supported in office 365 if we move the solution to cloud based office 365 Enterprise version?

  • No i think you cannot create new or modify existing layouts page in o365.
    – Unnie
    Jun 11, 2014 at 12:36

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You cannot customize upload.aspx in Sharepoint Online directly.

There are couple of workarounds for doing so:




No, you won't be able to move that to Office 365. You'll need to recreate the design entirely in JavaScript. You can deploy a custom action in a sandbox solution that will allow you to hook up a JS reference, and then render your markup there.

Now, I assume you actually want to do something with those checkboxes. That's a different story, and the more difficult one if you ask me.


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