I have 2 web parts. One is a web parts with link buttons that represent the title of videos. The second is a html5 video player.

I need to send the id of a video from web part 1 to web part 2

  • Agree with user1901384: web part connections is the way to go with one caveat. Is this SharePoint Online or on-premises? What options do you have for deployment, as that may affect what you can achieve and would need a different answer.
    – Steve
    Jun 11, 2014 at 10:10

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You can make this via connections. Here's an overview:
Just open the menu in the right top of your webpart (in edit mode) and you'll see "Connection"-> "Get Parameters From" for example.


I strongly suggest you to not use server-side connections. As far as I see, you only need to pass an ID. As far as you do not need and do not need to do something heavy on a server side (such as working with server-side controls), you should take a look on javascript custom events.

Custom events with jQuery

$(document).on("myEvent", function (evt) {

   type:    "myEvent",
   data:    { id : 0, otherData : "Data" }

Also, you can try native custom events

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