Using the SharePoint 2013 REST API,

Can I get more than one column from the lookup column by using the $select and $expand endpoints?


Yes, you can expand multiple columns:

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below query finally worked for me

  • Merged is a calculated field in Cats list
  • Cat is a lookup field(which looks above Merged column) in the MainFlat list

            "?$select=Title,number,Cat/Merged&$expand=Cat" + 
            "&$filter=Cat/Merged eq '"+Merged+"'  "
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  • i have problems @imanabidi that solved by your answers thanks ;) – saber tabatabaee yazdi Jan 1 '17 at 6:34

Consider your lookup column name as "Field1LUP" of "List1" and "Title" field of "List2" is source to lookup field.

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The REST API and OData request parameters can be used to request additional information from a lookup field. As an example, An Employee list with a Department lookup field. If we need to get the employee name and id as well as the department name and id, we can use this GET request:


This gets the employee( DepartmentId, Name, and Id). We expand the Department look up field and read the department name (Department/Name). The requirement is to expand the lookup list and prefix every field with the list name.

More information can be found at:


hope it helps.

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