I have a picture slideshow webpart which displays images from a particular library with a particular view. I want to change the webpart property - view using jquery. I have used CSOM to get the webpart property and trying to update using the following code.

    var guid= "11A7007D-3E7F-461D-B080-02E8C2960BE4";
   webPartProperties.set_item(viewGuid , guid);
//save web part changes

The code which I referred to do this is available here I get the following error :

           Unable to system.string to system. guid 

How can I do this in jQuery?


Use SP.Guid Class to represent a globally unique identifier (GUID) in JavaScript.


var viewGuid= new SP.Guid('{11A7007D-3E7F-461D-B080-02E8C2960BE4}');

webPartProperties.set_item('ViewGuid' , viewGuid);

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