I'm trying to connect a web-part running in SharePoint 2007 site to an external Sql Server 2005 database. I get a System.Secutity.SecurityException with "Request Failed" message when I attach debugger to debug my web part.

Here's my present situation

  1. Webpart dll is deployed in bin of web application
  2. I have set Trust Level to Full in web.config
  3. The application pool under which the sharepoint site is running is administrator on the server
  4. Here's the connection string @"Data Source=VISHAL_vm\sqlexpress;Initial Catalog=LicensingDB;Integrated Security=True"

This exception is thrown on Connection.Open() method

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I believe you need to have Kerberos configured for your SharePoint Farm and utilize SPN's on ActiveDirectory to enable that pass-through authentication.

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