Now that 2010 Foundation Server can run on a client I am curious how many people will primarily develop locally versus on a server (or VM).

I like the idea of having the tools easily accessible, but I think I'll likely continue to use the server for the bulk of my dev work even if it doesn't require all of the services of the full Server version.


I'm thinking / planning on continuing to use a VM. What I love about using a VM is even when I get a new laptop, all I need to do is copy my vm over and I'm up and going again. I also like the snapshotting / differencing disks as well.

I think the dev on a client will be nice for some of my co-workers who will be only sometimes developing in SP.

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Maybe I will install it just for personal use (SP can also be very useful in a non-business context!), where I play the role of power user.

I will definately not be using it for development! For development I want an environment that is as indentical as possible to the environment I will be deploying to, which obviously runs on a server OS.

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  • im 100% with you! I even heard of a dev team in UK that pulls the image from int-test every week back to the developer boxes (automated with powershell ofcourse) to get the dev rigs to look as much as the real servers as possible :-) – Anders Rask Jan 11 '10 at 22:55

I will continue to use a VM based server OS to develop on. Particularly because you end up hooking into other server technologies when building solutions which invariably you cannot run on a Windows client OS. Plus it takes quite a long time to get the environment right with all the tools/settings you need!

However, I am planning to move away from VMs running on my laptop to a dedicated virtual development server as its start to get toooo slloooowww.

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  • I gave up developing on laptops a year ago. Ordered a nice dual quad-xeon with SAS disks and a bunch of ram and never looked back :-) – Anders Rask Jan 11 '10 at 22:56
  • Nice ;) - I think I will be doing the same thing very shortly, did you buy off the shelf or build? – Anonymous Jan 12 '10 at 10:46

Im gonna continue with VM/HyperV server development.

The problem is really, that doing development on a client OS is that it doesnt in any way resemble the dev-test environment. Hence you will see all sorts of "it works on my box" issues, because the developer sits on his client instead of on a similar (optimally created from same golden image) server than the dev-test/int-test/pre-prod/prod servers (eg. same version of RAD editor, same regional settings..).

Also its so cool to be just able to fire up a test WCM site, or a test portal, do a few tests and return to the old snapshot.

For demo purposes or demonstrations on the other hand, a laptop with Win7 would absolutely be a good alternative, but as Jaap say: never for real development.

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