I have done research on this and still can't find a strong answer. Some soures say that when using SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPriveleges that the code is executed as a site collection admin. Some sources say, SHAREPOINT\system. Some sources say the application pool identity running the code. Some sources say, simply, with "higher priveleges".

I have an ASP.NET web app that is using server side code (C# with the SharePoint.Microsoft.dll) to interact with SharePoint. My code is currently running under the service account that is running my application pool. There are certain times that I would like to elevate such that the user running the code has site colletion-level access, but would like to know exactly which user runs the code when using SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPriveleges.

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With 99% certainity, it is the app pool identity that is used when RWEP is used in code.

Confirmed with MSDN:


A delegate method that is to run with elevated rights. This method runs under the Application Pool identity, which has site collection administrator privileges on all site collections hosted by that application pool.

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