We have an outside document app (PCM) that has a nightly sync to our SharePoint server. All contracts in PCM are synced into SP then we change the PCM document to a link to SP. Recently, we have a need to copy certain files from our SP library to another library on the same site, then update the URL in PCM to point to the new location.

I am brand new to SP. I am writing this in C# using CSOM and CAML Query. My questions are:

  1. IF I have the URL of the document I want, how do I get a ListItem from SP using that URL?
  2. How do I deep copy that ListItem to a new library?

I've gone through several questions here that are "close" to what I am trying to do but this ListItem object is throwing me for a loop. I can't inspect it nor can I confirm that I have all the fields for the content type included.

Any (a lot?) of help is appreciated!

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To get the listitem from URL:

 ListItem  item =  web.GetFileByServerRelativeUrl(fileRelativeUrl).ListItemAllFields;

And to copy item to another library follow:


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