I need a way to stop 100 running workflows. I know that I can do it manually by clicking the elements in a list and canceling the associated workflow. However, this would take a while, and I can't spend all day doing that. I also know there is a way to do this with MS Powershell scripting, but I cannot change the scripting policy to allow scripting, so that is not an option. Is there any other way to automate this task?


If you don't want to use Powershell, then only option is to open the site in Designer and remove them.

Hope the suggestion helps!

  • Haha, so the one by one option? :) I do have a problem however. I am trying to do the manual way for now, and when I cancel the workflow, the status of the option does not change. The reason I am doing this is because the running workflows are starting to tax the sharepoint server. If I straight up delete the item, will the corresponding workflow end? – Brandon C. Jun 5 '14 at 8:22

You can go to List Settings, Select Workflows Settings, and Click Remove Workflow, remove all the workflows - that will get rid of everything - if you want the workflow back, return to Designer and republish it.

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