I have SharePoint Foundation 2010 installed.

Following guides such as this, I am trying to enable the Chart Web Part, but I do not see Microsoft.Office.Server.WebControls.ChartWebPart as an option to check. In fact, I don't see anything with Microsoft.Office.Server.*, if that's a clue. It's probably something simple, but why might I be missing this under Site Settings/Galleries/Web Parts?

For further information, I do see plenty of other options, including similarly named Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.ChartViewWebPart. When I enable that, it shows up as a Web Part but doesn't give me the option to choose a data source for it.

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Chart Web Parts aren't available in SharePoint Foundation 2010, they are available in Enterprise version.. For full feature comparison list, please have a look at SharePoint 2010 Feature Comparison (SharePoint Foundation 2010 Vs SharePoint 2010 Standard/Enterprise)

However you can use Fusion Chart Web Parts which are free to use CodePlex project and are compatible with SharePoint Foundation 2010..

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